It’s Grandma’s rules in the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit


It really can’t get much worse than After Earth, right? M. Night Shyamalan quietly made a micro-budget horror film by the name of The Visit, and in true Shyamalan fashion, it’s quite the mystery. In fact, the film has been largely under the radar right up until the release of this very trailer. So, what is The Visit and should we be excited about it? Continue Reading ›

There’s no place like home in the trailer for Estranged


Coming out of nowhere is the utterly fantastic trailer for Adam Levins’ psychological thriller Estranged, a film in which a wheelchair-bound woman with long-term memory loss discovers that her beloved relatives are far from loving. The film will make its World Premiere at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival on April 29th, so if you’re in the neighborhood you might want to give this one a shot. Continue Reading ›

Short Round: Breathe wants you to hold your breath


Ghosts have been a big part of horror since film could run through a camera, so any new ideas centered around apparitional scares are certainly welcome around these parts. The new short film Breathe, from director Toby Meakins, offers a unique spin on bringing a hauntingly gorgeous ghost to life, one that you can only see as long as you’re holding your breath. Cool, right? Continue Reading ›

Maniac clowns and Halloween collide in Rob Zombie’s new horror film 31


There’s a good chance you didn’t even know Rob Zombie had a new horror film on the horizon. That film, 31, has been quietly working hard to become a reality over that last several months, and the main reason why it has been so low-key is because Zombie took the crowdfunding route with this one. While it certainly raised a few eyebrows to see someone like Zombie—who no doubt has the money to make a low budget movie—reach out to fans to get his Halloween-set slasher off the ground, it turned out to be a worthwhile endeavor because it has officially wrapped production and will be unleashed into the public sooner than later.

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Burying the Ex trailer brings Anton Yelchin’s girlfriend back from the dead


While most of us are still trying to wrap our heads around a Joe Dante-less Gremlins remake, the legendary director has a new film on the horizon—the undead comedy Burying the Ex, which looks (and sounds) a lot like last year’s indie hit Life After Beth. But where Life after Beth is about a second chance at love, Dante appropriately leans on a more sick and twisted take on a clingy girlfriend returning from the dead.

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Buhguul returns in the first full trailer for Ciaran Foy’s Sinister 2

Sinister 2

As promised, the first full trailer for Ciaran Foy’s Sinister 2 has arrived, offering our best look at the summer haunter yet. As I stated when the teaser trailer dropped, Foy has some pretty big shoes to fill now that original director Scott Derrickson stepped away from the helm, but what we see here is certainly promising. Continue Reading ›

That Gremlins remake you forgot about found a writer


Nearly one year ago today it was said that a Gremlins remake was hitting the fast track to the big screen. And while that obviously hasn’t happened, that doesn’t mean it just disappeared. Like it or not, a new take on Joe Dante’s 1984 classic will be here sooner than later, and now we know who will have a hand in making it a reality.

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Sinister 2 teaser trailer brings back the Boogeyman


Newcomer Ciaran Foy certainly has some pretty big shoes to fill, directing the sequel to Scott Derrickson’s sleeper hit, Sinister, and all. And so, here we are, just days after getting our first taste of Sinister 2 with a handful of stills is a 17-second teaser, one that comes with plenty of chilling imagery.

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England’s famous Enfield Poltergeist to be the focus of The Conjuring 2?

The Conjuring

At this point, it has been all but confirmed that the James Wan-directed sequel to The Conjuring will head to England for one of the Warrens’ most terrifying cases—the Enfield Poltergeist. This particular case was the subject of the original rumor surrounding The Conjuring 2, which surfaced nearly two years ago. While no official word has been announced (yet), Wan, and oddly enough, IMDb might have revealed the secret. Continue Reading ›