Review: The House on Pine Street, who’s that knocking?


There is almost no better setting for a horror film than within the walls of a house, and because it’s the place we feel safest, the genre has been exploiting them for a very long time. Directing tandem Aaron and Austin Keeling’s The House on Pine Street is another addition to the storied tales of a haunted house, one with a deep focus on subtle scares and a creeping atmosphere. In the film, a very pregnant Jennifer reluctantly returns to her hometown after an unexpected mental breakdown, where she moves into a house that starts to toy with her sanity. Continue Reading ›

Arnold Schwarzenegger searches for a cure in first Maggie trailer


Arnold Schwarzenegger and zombies isn’t exactly a hard sell, the man has tackled every genre there is, but Maggie looks like something on a completely different level for the prolific actor, who joins the always great Abigail Breslin in the undead drama. Maggie has had an interesting journey so far, one that started with Lionsgate’s acquisition back in August, ultimately leading to them pulling the film just ahead of its Toronto International Film Festival debut. Continue Reading ›

Review: Backcountry, a treelined nightmare


Adam MacDonald’s feature film debut brings raw, slow-burning terror into the woods in Backcountry, a nature-run-amok film that delivers pure, masterful viciousness to a story about a couple that find themselves on the wrong side of bear territory after getting lost on a camping trip. With its unique atmosphere soaked in paranoia, Backcountry is a special breed of horror that climbs to an inevitable, nerve-shredding conclusion. Continue Reading ›

New Insidious trailer promises the most terrifying chapter yet


Leigh Whannell has had his hands in the Insidious franchise since the beginning, so with James Wan stepping down from the helm there was no better choice than Whannell, who finally gets a shot at directing the very series he helped create. Insidious: Chapter 3 looks big, scary and weird as hell, which is what I love so much about this franchise—it’s not afraid to go to some weird places and certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to scares.
Continue Reading ›

Review: Spring, a monster of a love story


Resolution tandem, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, are back with their second feature film Spring, a slithery story that shines a light on the terrifying beauty of falling in love, even when it’s with a monster. Deeply rooted in romance, Spring tells the genre-bending tale of a young man who leaves everything behind after fleeing to Italy, where he falls in love with a mysterious woman with an unimaginable secret. Walking the line of horror, Spring is a story that is both heart-warming and heart-stopping. Continue Reading ›

Awesome, gory creature feature gets Stung in a new trailer


Benni Diez’s creature feature Stung first left an impression on the genre when he released a concept reel of his killer wasp idea, offering a couple of minutes of a man being chased down by a giant, flying insect. The result was an awesome wink at the creature features of old, officially putting Stung up there with some of the most anticipated movies the genre has to offer. It was years ago when that test footage first swept across the internet, and now we finally have an official trailer for Diez’s long in the works Stung. Continue Reading ›

Interview: I talk with the directors of Spring, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead


Directing tandem Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead first hit the indie movie scene when their feature film debut Resolution took the genre by storm, delivering a skin-crawling psychological haunter that still has people talking. It was simple storytelling with masterful direction, using tension and slow-burn tactics to create a creeping atmosphere. With a debut as good as Resolution, it only made the anticipation for their sophomore effort that much greater. Continue Reading ›

Oculus director brings nightmares to life in the Before I Wake trailer


Last year, Mike Flanagan’s Oculus was the rare breed of horror film that saw a wide release and didn’t suck. Trust me, that’s quite an accomplishment when films like Ouija, Annabelle and The Pyramid (to name a few) really stunk up the place. Flanagan, a truly exciting new genre director, returns to horror this summer with a tale that literally brings nightmares to life in Before I Wake. Relativity Studios released the film’s first trailer through Twitter (neat), displaying gorgeous visuals and haunting nightmares. Continue Reading ›

New Leatherface details hint at a three person psycho-mystery


It was just a few days ago when we learned that Sam Strike was set to star in Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, Leatherface, leading us to assume that he would grow up to be the iconic killer. It turns out that might not actually be the case. With the announcement of a new cast member, James Bloor, came some new details about what the Inside directors might have planned, details that change the entire make-up of the film. Continue Reading ›

The kids aren’t alright in the new trailer for Clown


It’s hard to believe that we’re still talking about the Eli Roth-produced Clown, a film that was conceived thanks to a fake trailer that Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford made five years ago. Not only that, but Clown has been done and finished for a few years now, so it’s kind of a baffling that we have yet to see a release here in the States, especially when you factor in all the positive buzz surrounding it. Continue Reading ›