Review: Everly, Salma Hayek vs. Assassins


Everly promised 90 minutes of a gun-toting Salma Hayek destroying an endless swarm of assassins, and sure enough, that’s exactly what we got. Easily his best turn behind the camera, Joe Lynch delivers a crimson colored thriller that shoots first and asks questions later. In Everly, a woman holed up in her apartment must survive the night when er ex, a mob boss, orders assassins to kill her for a large bounty. It’s a simple story, one that starts in the middle of mayhem and piles up the body count until there’s nothing left. Continue Reading ›

Finally, The Strangers are coming back to town


Bryan Bertino’s 2008 slasher The Strangers was the forefront of the home invasion revival, becoming a huge genre success after making $82 million on a $9 million budget. It spawned dozens of films and to this day has become a staple in the genre. It’s a fantastic little film that delivers claustrophobic brutality at the hands of three masked assailants, which saw Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman at the heart of the madness. Despite the film’s success, though, a sequel has never been more than talk. That is, until now. Continue Reading ›

Tension is high in The Man in the Orange Jacket Trailer


Aik Karapetian’s Latvian horror feature has been quietly making the rounds in the horror community, dropping one brooding trailer after another. While a release date is still unknown, we do have this fantastically creepy and vicious minute and a half worth of a trailer that lets its imagery and atmospheric dread do all talking. There’s not an ounce of dialog to be heard here as the trailer focuses on its killer stalking his prey, and while there’s really no sense as to what the narrative has to offer, it’s no doubt a film worth keeping an eye on. Continue Reading ›

Review: What We Do in the Shadows and the immortal bond between monsters


There’s no doubting that the vampire genre is stronger than ever right now with films like Let The Right One In, Let Me In, Thirst, Only Lovers Left Alive and Byzantium at the forefront of horror cinema. These monsters of the night have been leaving their mark on the genre for nearly 100 years, dating back to the era of silent films, yet filmmakers are still finding new ways to tell their stories. Continue Reading ›

Bruce McDonald’s Halloween thriller Hellions has a guardian angel


It’s that special time of year where all the eventual best and most talked about horror films of 2015 are all premiering at the Park City-set Sundance Film Festival. One said film is easily Bruce McDonald’s return to the genre with his Halloween-themed thriller Hellions. I’ve had an eye on this one since 2013 when we learned that McDonald—the man behind the excellent Pontypool—was gearing up for some trick-or-treating fun, so it’s nice to finally start seeing it come to life. Continue Reading ›

Scream now, while there’s still room to breathe; Simon West to remake The Blob


Move over Rob Zombie, Simon West is now the guy to re-invision an all-time horror classic in The Blob, which promises 100% more CGI. That’s right, the guy who brought us The Expendables 2 and Con Air has been tasked with bringing the all-consuming alien lifeform back to the big screen. Continue Reading ›

John Watts’ Clown images spread fear with a painted on smile


The Eli Roth-produced Clown has been somewhat of an elusive bastard, something Roth fans are starting to get used to—I’m looking at you The Green Inferno! Directed by John Watts from an idea spawned by his faux trailer, Clown is the long-awaited slasher about a loving father that finds a clown suit for his son’s birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer. While we wait (and wait some more) for a release date here in the States, a batch of new stills from the film have creeped their way online. Enjoy the nightmares, friends. Continue Reading ›

Jim Hosking’s disgusting, vile slasher debut The Greasy Strangler has the best title ever


The Greasy Strangler, now that’s something. After leaving one hell of an impression on the genre with his short G is for Grandad in last year’s horror anthology ABCs of Death 2, director Jim Hosking will make his feature film debut with the L.A.-set slasher The Greasy Strangler. There are a lot of words to describe Hosking’s short film G is for Grandad, but the one I’m going to use is bizarre. It’s strange as all hell and I can’t wait to see what Hosking’s twisted mind has conjured up for this one. Continue Reading ›

Everything dies in the Everly trailer


One of the films I highlighted as a must-see earlier this month was Joe Lynch’s ass-kicking Die Hard in a room thriller, Everly. Starring the gorgeous Salma Hayek as a gun-wielding badass, Everly looks every bit insane as its premise suggests; and there’s a trailer to prove it! The trailer sorta reminds me of Shoot ‘Em Up meets Takashi Miike, so if you dig an explosive thriller with plenty of the red stuff flying around then you’re probably going to find a lot to love about this one. Continue Reading ›