Review: Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg’s Hollywood nightmare


David Cronenberg’s nihilistic take on Hollywood in Maps to the Stars pulls back the curtains of celebrity life and those with ruthless ghosts from their pasts leading them on a path of destruction. Sometimes fascinating, unflinching and darkly humorous, Cronenberg’s latest is a spider web of a story that sees a handful of people linked to one another in the unlikeliest of ways, shining a bright light on a Hollywood nightmare. Continue Reading ›

New It Follows poster is a twisted nightmare


David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows is one of the most anticipated horror films of the year, and for good reason. Since hitting the festival circuit last year and bleeding into this year’s Sundance Film Festival, It Follows has been on a path of destruction, one that is headed right for us as the film is set to debut on VOD this March 27th, just two weeks after its theatrical bow on Friday the 13th. Continue Reading ›

Short Round: What’s that in the Shadows?


There aren’t many things scarier than the shadows in a horror movie, especially when short film director Colin Berry is the one conjuring them up. Back in 2012, Berry graced us with his brilliant short film Prick, which made up for its lack of dialog with a sense of brooding atmosphere and unnerving imagery that did all the talking. Prick is really something special, and while it’s unfortunate that we’ve had to wait this long for something new, Berry has returned behind the camera in terrifying fashion with his new short film Shadows. Continue Reading ›

Review: Digging Up the Marrow, do you believe in monsters?


Adam Green is back behind the camera (and in front of it) with his first feature film since 2010’s Victor Crowley bloodbath Hatchet II, as he explores the possibility of a world beneath our own in which monsters actually exist in his faux documentary Digging Up the Marrow. Ray Wise plays William Dekker, a man obsessed with the things that go bump in the night, and who—according to him—has been tracking these real-life monsters for decades. He claims that there are these holes in the ground, holes that lead to a world that mirrors our own, only it’s a place for the monstrosities of the Earth that have no where else to go. It’s a fascinating concept that Green brings to life in the form of a faux documentary as he and longtime friend Will Barratt set out to see if Dekker is as crazy as his theory, or if he’s actually telling the truth. Continue Reading ›

Amanda Adrienne gets her revenge in the brutal Avenged trailer


If you’re in the mood for a good old fashion revenge flick, then Michael S. Ojeda’s Avenged (formerly Savaged) is one to keep an eye on, especially now that we finally have a trailer that sells the shit out of its brutal nature. In a very The Crow-esque story, Avenged is centered around a gang that brutalizes a deaf girl whose lifeless body is inhabited by the spirit of a revenge-seeking Apache warrior. Yeah, it sounds nutty, but damn does it look like a lot of fun. Continue Reading ›

Pod trailer finds snowy terror


Up-and-coming genre director Mickey Keating, who first hit the scene with last year’s Ritual, returns with his SXSW Midnighter entry Pod, which will premiere at the Austin-set film festival next month. Keating’s sophomore effort no doubt looks promising, especially after seeing its festival trailer, but what really catches my eye here is Jug Face‘s Lauren Ashley Carter, who seems to have really dialed in on this one. Continue Reading ›

Review: Wyrmwood, indie horror with a bite

wyrmwood-movie-picture (4)

Kiah Roache-Turner’s apocalyptic Wyrmwood is a small movie with a big heart, mixing both new and old elements of the undead into a world reminiscent of something conjured up by George Miller. After his life is torn apart on the night of the zombie apocalypse, Barry (Jay Gallagher) sets out to rescue his sister from a small army of gas mask wearing soldiers and a psycho-dancing doctor. Continue Reading ›

Beautifully haunting Spring trailer offers love and monsters


The brilliantly twisted minds behind Resolution—Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead—are back with their second feature film in Spring, a monster of a love story that tore up the festival circuit last year, making it one of 2015’s most anticipated horror offerings. Moving slowly through the beautiful scenery of Italy, the new trailer for Benson and Moorhead’s latest endeavor is all about love with a shocking twist. Continue Reading ›

Beauty gets vicious in the primal trailer for Backcountry


Bears are like the great whites of the wilderness, only you don’t drown while they’re eating you. Adam MacDonald’s nature-run-amok thriller Backcountry has been quietly sneaking up on us after its highly praised and successful premiered at Toronto last September, and now it’s here with a terrifying new trailer that promises plenty of primal carnage. Following an urban couple who go camping in the Canadian wilderness, the trailer is a haunting look at how unimaginable beauty can turn into a tree-lined nightmare. Continue Reading ›

Sam Raimi’s Ash vs. Evil Dead recruits a couple of sidekicks


We already knew that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were going to reunite in Ash vs. Evil Dead—a 10-episode television series on Starz—but they’re bringing more than just a chainsaw and boomstick with them. For the first time ever Ash Williams is going to have not one sidekick, but two. Continue Reading ›